Hiatus Over

Hi friends!

We’d like to apologize for the long hiatus first and foremost.  We have a couple of announcements we’d like to make that we are excited about!

With the sales of eBooks becoming more popular, and eReaders being the new norm, physical books are not selling.  Having said that, For the Love of Books has made a business decision and has discontinued selling books.  However, For the Love of Books is not going away!

For the Love of Books has decided to change gears.  Rather than being a place to sell books, we have decided to be a place to discuss books. We are not going to centralize discussions about a specific genre or author.  We want to encourage our followers and fans to take part in the discussions and bring to the table any ideas that may come up for discussion.  We just ask that the conversations stay centered around books and/or authors.  We are lovers of books.  Not lovers of gossip.  Please keep that in mind when posting comments.

So, watch this space to see exciting new things!  We are very excited about the change we are about to go through and can’t wait to begin discussions.  Suggestions are welcome, so please feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have.  Our email address is

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