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Il Dottore, by Ron Felber


I am, well was, slightly obsessed with the Fox show “Mob Doctor”.  I found it intriguing for many reasons.  I have always had a bit of enthusiasm when it comes to history, but when you’re talking about something that, in general, people just don’t discuss, it’s all the more exciting!

So, what does Fox do?  It cancels the first show that got my juices flowing in a long time!  Dang them!  Anyway, I knew that it was being cancelled, so instead of being right on top of the last few episodes (because who is watching television at Christmas!?!) I ended up getting caught up by watching the episodes online.  I noticed that in the credits, there was a blurb about it being based on a book, but it always went so fast I couldn’t read it!  So, finally I Google-d it and found the book.

Any fanatical reader of course would then try to find it anywhere.  And I did.  I couldn’t find the book for less than $60!!!  Now, I enjoy a good book just as much as the next person, but I just couldn’t justify paying that much for one single book.  Then, I read the fine print.  It’s a True Story!!!  Holy Cow!!!  Seriously?!  I HAD to have it!  I searched every single book selling site I could find until I finally found the book for, wait for it………$7.99!!!!  I clicked “Add To Cart”!!  It arrived this past Thursday, I had little time to read during the next two days, but as of last night (Sunday) I have officially finished it!  And in the process found the next book I want to buy…but again it’s way too much for my budget!  So, I supposed I’ll have to stick with the book I set aside to read this one!

Okay, the synopsis.  Well, it’s about a Mob Doctor.  Now, mind you he had no intention in even being a part of that world.  He didn’t search it out, it just kinda fell in his lap.  He didn’t “grow up” in it, in the sense where his parents were in the Mafia, but he did grow up in the neighborhood of so many Mob families.  There is a lot of history in the book.  There are star appearances of Rudy Giuliani, John Gotti, Paul “Big Paulie” Castellano, Joe “Banana” Bonanno, and conversations about Al Capone, the Kennedy’s (of course), and many many others.

I’ve never read a True Crime book so I had no idea what I was in for, but I’ll say this, Fox Network should have never let this one go!  Needless to say, I’m itching for another, but will have to settle for what sits on my nightstand!

So, has anyone else out there read this or any other True Crime, Mafia specific, books?  Any recommendations?

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