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Oh How I’ve Missed You, RJ!

ImageI go through stages as a reader.  One day (or month) I may be in the mood for a Romance Novel, another I may be in the mood for True Crime.  I never got into Fantasy until recently.  The series that caught my attention was The Wheel of Time (tWoT) series by Robert Jordan.  Those who are familiar know that good ol’ RJ died before he could finish the series, but Brandon Sanderson has taken up the daunting job of finishing Mr. Jordan’s vision.  Not a job I’d sign up for, that’s for sure.  I am however thoroughly enjoying the series.  Anyone reading or have read the series?  Obviously I’m coming to the series late in the game, especially since the series has recently been completed by Brandon Sanderson, but I really think there’s something to be said about beginning to read a series, a very long series, when it’s almost complete.  No waiting a couple years for the next book to be finished.  It has it’s benefits.  It also has it’s downfalls.  Like for example, there are several sites out there that have role playing, spoilers, etc that could potentially ruin the story for a reader. I unwisely joined one such site and ended up regretting it.  I stopped reading the series for about a year.  However during that….break, shall we call it, I read “The Song of Fire and Ice” series, otherwise known as “The Game of Thrones” by George RR Martin.

I picked up tWoT books again about two months ago and have felt as though I came home in doing so.  I’m working on trying to convince my husband (who is not a reader, by the way) to read the series as well.  He is however a huge fan of the game “Final Fantasy” so there’s hope.

What’s everyone reading these days?

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