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“A Man of Indeterminate Value” -Ron Felber, Book Review



As mentioned earlier here, I was asked to do a review on a new book by an author I’ve read before and reviewed.  I was excited to say the least!  Why?  Mainly because Ron Felber’s “Il Dottore” is the first book I read that was True Crime, and I thoroughly enjoyed his writing!

Felber is back.  This time with an action packed Thriller trilogy!  His writing is gritty, truthful, in your face, and makes you feel like you’ve just experienced something not many do!  “A Man of Indeterminate Value” is about a business man caught up in a world that he did not necessarily plan to be in.  Jack Madson, the man this story is completely about, had a rough childhood.  Not the kind where he was beat up or abused.  No, instead it’s one where his father worked hard and scraped together every penny for anything they had.  Jack soon found himself involved with the underbelly of New Jersey.  Before he knows it, he’s married (unhappily), has a daughter (whom he has no real relationship with) and works for a business that ruthlessly destroys other businesses that have fallen on hard times.  And Jack is at the center of it all.  He’s the man that gets called in to shake the businesses up.  He soon realizes….he’s done.  Jack decides to get out while the getting’s good.  His road map out is full of obstacles, detours and stumbling blocks.  Sex, drugs, alcohol, a faked death, murder, Chinese Criminal Syndicates, one ridiculously determined insurance investigator, and Mexico….just to mention a few of them.  You find yourself rooting for the bad guy..because lets face it, even Jack knows he’s not that nice of a guy!

You have to wonder while reading this and knowing that Ron Felber is a successful business man, has written many books about true crimes, such as the dealings of the mob in New York, Jersey, and those south of the border, how much of this could really be true?!  Not to say that Ron has written a story about any actual events, per se, more like Ron has the knowledge and experience to know that some of what he’s written here could honestly take place!  Who would know better?!  If nothing else, Felber’s book will make you question the media.  It will make you question the stories you hear.  Did that guy really die in the boating accident, or did he plan the scene to get away from a nasty lifestyle?  How does he intend to fund his new life?  How do people think of these things?!  I have a hard enough time trying to decide what our weekly menu will be each Saturday, I can’t even begin to imagine what type of thought process would need to go into some of the things that Ron has written about!

This goes to show, Ron Felber does his research.  He does not just throw down a bunch of words and expect people to buy it just because he was able to put together a few sentences!  Bravo, Mr. Felber!  I look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy.  What has Jack Madson been up to?!  I highly recommend this book to True Crime enthusiasts, Thriller seekers, and Ron Felber fans!  Click on the image above to be brought directly to his site to find out more about this new book!

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