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A Small Hiatus

Okay, so maybe “small” isn’t the correct term! But I’m back. Hopefully I’ll be here for a bit, too. I’m still reading, naturally. You don’t go missing and stop reading. You don’t stop breathing just because you’re not around other people, so why would I stop reading? I have kiddos, 2 in fact. They keep me very busy and my time to read is very limited. However I get in time as much as I can. During lunch at work, before bed after everyone else has gone to sleep, if I have time in the morning after getting said kiddos ready for school. You get the idea. I grab time when I can. It’s nearly never as much as I’d like, but I do what I can.

I won’t go into what I’ve read since 2013 because I don’t have the kind of time. (As it is, I’m at work now and totally not doing what I should be!) But, I will go into what I’m currently reading. My nightstand is nearly toppling over from all the books on it. I have started so many books, but I’m trying very hard to focus on just one at a time. I’m also forcing myself to finish what I’ve started before buying anymore…(Thank you Amazon for those lovely free books you offer every month!)

I’m currently on the third book of the Miss Peregrine’s series, “Library of Souls” by Ransom Riggs. Now this is not a typical read for me, but again I don’t have the time I used to, so an easy read right now is what my brain can afford. Though to be true, Ransom has not made these all that “easy”. Each book seams to get a bit longer and with fewer pictures. Yes “pictures”. If you have not read the books, I do recommend them. As I said, easy read but also holds your interest. I’m also a big SciFi fan, so this was a nice easy read in that genre for me. I will be working on a re-read of the Wheel of Time series eventually, but I took a small break from it. I did read Book 1 already and started Book 2, but something caught my attention or took my attention or stole my attention….You get the idea. I didn’t lose interest, I lost the ability to focus.

I’m a mom. It happens.

So, back to what I’m reading. “Library of Souls” is the final book in the Miss Peregrine series and wraps up where the little “children” were last left. Using the term “children” is certainly not the appropriate term, but I will recommend you grab the book to understand what I mean by that. I do miss reading for hours on end, however these books allow me the opportunity to convince myself I’m making progress in my love of reading. I hope to be able to dive more into my bibliomania.

Until next time, please take time to read. Like milk does a body good, reading does our brains good and keeps them active!

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