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Book Review: Another Peculiar Book

R riggs

I’ve finished it! I completed the “Peculiar” series by Ransom Riggs! It’s not a terribly difficult read, in fact it’s really very easy. It doesn’t require my full attention to the point of where I can have kids running around the living room, the television on very loud and still be able to follow along.

Riggs has such a vivid imagination! When reading the descriptions of buildings, characters, places, etc., I look forward to seeing the picture that matches to his description. Why? Because he tells a story with it. It’s not that he’s just describing the picture, because anyone can do that. He’s telling a story that goes along with those pictures. What he sees in one picture and what I see may very well be two completely different things, but when looked at through his eyes and seen through the story, it makes sense! It’s amazing!

“Library of Souls” is the last book in his “Peculiar” series. He wraps it up quite nicely and doesn’t leave you with that “really?!” feeling. I become very attached to the characters in a book when I’m reading it, so I have a very difficult time letting it go. I almost always slow down at the last chapter to draw out the loss. But I really truly loved this series. It was a nice change to read something that doesn’t require a companion book or glossary to refer to while reading so I could remember who was who. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy those types of books as well, when I’m able to focus. I enjoyed this series more I believe, because I knew I wouldn’t have the ability to dedicate much quiet time to it, and the series didn’t fail me!

If you have not read anything by Ransom Riggs, I highly recommend checking out his site and getting your copy of the first book in the series through *Amazon (or whichever your personal favorite book provider is).

I’ve already dived into my next book and believe it or not, I’m already 60%+ through it! I had some time off last week with my spouse celebrating 20 years of marriage, so we both enjoyed our personal hobbies while the littles went to school!

Until next time, I bid you adieu!

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