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Book Review: In the Shadow of Lakecrest


Moving right along….I went back to my roots. Before I discovered and fell in love with TOR/SciFi/Fantasy whatever you want to call it, I read pretty religiously Romance. This is a Historical Fiction which I love even more because of the bits of truth and reality that get thrown in.

This book starts us in 1928 and moves us into old Chicago along with old money. Every family has its secrets but none protect their secrets like a prestigious family does! This was a freebie for me with Kindle First. I review each of the books that are sent to me each month and decide which, if any I want to read. Most months, I honestly don’t download any of them. I hate the idea of downloading a book, not liking it and having it take up valuable space on my Kindle, because lets face it, I’m probably not going to clean it up.

However I decided with whichever month this one popped up in, that I’d go ahead and take a chance on this book. I’m glad I did because as I mentioned, I really enjoy Historical Fiction.

This story almost has a “Flowers in the Attic” feel to it. Almost, not quite. However there’s a more mature aura about it. More than just a brother and sister falling in love and living out their lives in an attic. There’s something to be said about reading a story that centers around an influential family and seeing that they have flaws and watching how those flaws slowly come to light regardless of all the dirty little deeds they do to attempt to cover them up. You find yourself rooting for the underdog and hoping that the “bad guy” gets their just desserts!

Elizabeth Blackwell is fairly new to the writing world with only one other book under her belt. As a new writer she holds your attention and does not disappoint with knowing her history. I gave this one 4 stars on Goodreads. Missing one star only because a book has to be phenomenal for me to give it all 5 stars!

Check out Blackwell’s page on Goodreads and get the book on Amazon. This is another easy read that requires little attention and allows for kiddo distractions!

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