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Book Review: The Breaking Light


I refuse to give up on finding the next Apocalyptic book series that will grab and hold my attention. Why oh why do they always have to be centered around teenagers though?!? Do authors think that adults don’t enjoy a good end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it book?! *sigh*

Not to take away from Heather Hansen’s imagination, I enjoyed her thought process. A world that builds up instead of out, yet again the focus is teenagers. I suppose the synopsis of gangs taking over generally does center around kids going awry. It hurts to see parents acting so ignorant though. As a parent, we do not allow our kiddos to watch shows on the tele that involves parents looking like morons and losing the respect of their kids. Thus the kids looking as though they know more than any adult on the show. So, why would I want to read a book that involves the same idea?

This was another one of those freebies from Amazon. An easy easy read and a good story line, just again too much with the teens. I suppose I should have confirmed if this was a YA, but even so I’ve been known to enjoy a good YA book in the past. (Hunger Games/Divergent, etc.)

Truthfully, the only thing I really didn’t like about this book was the fact that we are focused on a couple of teenagers (can we say Romeo and Juliet?!!). I really liked how Hansen created a world that grew up instead of out, and there’s a great need for access to the sun and there’s a demand for VitD. I liked how she addressed a drug issue that is not un-relatable to real world. It was nice to see a side to it that most people are afraid to voice.

It’s not a bad book. It’s a good book, I’m just over reading about teenagers taking over the world and knowing so much more than adults. (That’s the mom in me!) It’s really hard to find a book in this genre that has adults as the focal point. (Boy am I in trouble with the next book I’m on!)

If you don’t mind reading about teenagers saving the world and having a Romeo and Juliet style love affair, check out Hansen’s site on Goodreads and get the book at a pretty decent price on Amazon.

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