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Writing – I’m finally doing it!


Like so many people, I have a million ideas floating through my head for stories. I’ve started countless books and stopped, then started them up again. I have one that I keep coming back to, and I think I’m on a good streak finally! I’m afraid to share what I have, one because OH-MY-GOD-THATS-MY-PERSONAL-SPACE! Also I’ve read so many articles about not sharing what you’ve written without first getting a copy write, and I’m totally clueless about how that works.

I’m far from anywhere near complete and after last nights writing session, I’m already up to 15,000+ words! Yikes! Am I taking on too much too soon? Do I honestly care whether anyone likes it or am I just doing this to get all that stuff rumbling around in my head out and in the open?

I really don’t think it matters to me whether a lot of people like what I’ve written. I mean, I hope that they do, but I really think at this point, I’m just enjoying the process and look forward to what happens next each time I sit down at my desk! (or kitchen table as it would be!) I don’t suspect I’ll be the next George RR Martin, Dr. Seuss, Danielle Steele, C.S. Lewis…. You get the idea. I just want to be me. I want to get down what is overflowing in my head and appreciate the process I went through to get there and absorb what ever criticism (hopefully constructive!) that I receive.

Having said all that….Yeah, I’m no where near done!

4 thoughts on “Writing – I’m finally doing it!

  1. I’ve been there before! It’s very scary and nerve-wracking to post something as personal as your own story, but it does feel good to get it all out there. I would suggest not posting it all, though. Keep some of it secret for the whole purpose of copyright issues and such. As for the criticism, you really have to have a thick skin for it and even if you do, you still might end up in a corner crying over something someone critiqued you on, because if you’re like me, these stories and their characters are like your babies. They’re part of you and no one can take them away, and it hurts when someone doesn’t like them. But keep your head up and keep writing! Especially if you’re passionate about it. Just keep going and you’ll be just fine. 🙂

  2. That is the right attitude! Write for yourself and just keep the creative flow going. There will be revisions and more revisions in the future before you’re finished. Just keep going! You’re on the right path!

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