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Obsessed – Gender Games

I’ve not been this obsessed with a series since the Wheel of Time series! Although I have to say, this series is much easier to read, and less thorough. Not in a bad way for either series. Whereas Jordan is detailed to the point of you know what style and color buttons are on the clothing, Forrest is light on details to the point where you are just excited to see what happens next!

I won’t do a full review right now, I think I’ll wait until I’ve completed the series. There’s only one book left to come out and it appears as though Forrest is pretty quick on getting them out. I will say that I’m enjoying them enough to consider reading her other series, though it involves vampires. I’m not big on vampire books, but I’ll give it a try… maybe. 🙂

Happy Monday, lovely readers! What books did you read over the weekend?

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