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Not Willing To Give Up

I’ve been a reading fiend! I’m now onto book four of the Gender Game books and I’ve also started reading the Star Wars books. During my research I found a lot of folks recommended starting the series with The Phantom Menace, which just seems so odd to me as that’s not how I watched the movies, but I’m following instructions anyway!

Truthfully, I’m having a REALLY hard time getting into the Star Wars books. It seems odd to me that I am though, since I’ve enjoyed the movies so much. I suppose it goes along with the whole idea that I generally will read the book before I’ll watch the movie for this exact reason. I don’t want the movie to ruin the book for me. It would appear that this is what is happening now with The Phantom Menace. I’m only a few chapters in, and I’m not giving up but I’m also hoping that my attention will be grabbed soon.

I rarely don’t finish a book. Even if I can’t get into it, I may set it aside but I almost always come back to it. I suppose it’s because I know so much time was put into the creation of the book. I know that if and when I ever finish my book, I’d really like those that read it to give it a full shot rather than quitting after the first few chapters. (If the day ever comes that I finish it!)

I have a couple other books that I’ve set down to come back to one day and they are always on the back of my mind reminding me that I haven’t finished them. I hold onto one nugget of something that I’ve read that I wonder how it ends up and I think that’s what keeps me going back for more. Even when a book is so atrocious, I give it a shot. I keep reading until the very end. However even in ratings, I typically give the author at least a couple stars for their effort. I know it’s hard work writing, and I imagine it’s even harder to put your heart out there for others to tear apart.

Well, dear friends. Today is Monday and it’s a dreary one at that. My lunch hour looks to be filled with solid reading so that’s what I’ll keep my eye on. I hope everyone else’s day is going well.

Happy reading!

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