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Book Review: The Breaking Light

I refuse to give up on finding the next Apocalyptic book series that will grab and hold my attention. Why oh why do they always have to be centered around teenagers though?!? Do authors think that adults don't enjoy a good end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it book?! *sigh* Not to take away from Heather Hansen's imagination, I enjoyed her… Continue reading Book Review: The Breaking Light

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Book Review: In the Shadow of Lakecrest

Moving right along....I went back to my roots. Before I discovered and fell in love with TOR/SciFi/Fantasy whatever you want to call it, I read pretty religiously Romance. This is a Historical Fiction which I love even more because of the bits of truth and reality that get thrown in. This book starts us in… Continue reading Book Review: In the Shadow of Lakecrest

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Book Review: Another Peculiar Book

I've finished it! I completed the "Peculiar" series by Ransom Riggs! It's not a terribly difficult read, in fact it's really very easy. It doesn't require my full attention to the point of where I can have kids running around the living room, the television on very loud and still be able to follow along.… Continue reading Book Review: Another Peculiar Book