Welcome to For The Love Of Books!

For The Love Of Books (FTLOB) opened it’s virtual doors in 2011. Initially, FTLOB began with a Store Front at Amazon. Recently, the owners of FTLOB decided to leave the world of Amazon and begin to open the virtual doors here. Inventory of books will begin to appear on here. Prices will not be listed initially so as to save time in getting all books listed. However, if you see a book you are interested in before a price has been listed, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss the price with you at that time.

We may be reached here as well as at the email address fortheloveofbooksvirginia@gmail.com.  

The owners of For The Love Of Books are Scott and Melody Deshaies.  Currently all books are stored in their home where soon shelves will be opened on weekends for future customers to browse at their leisure.  Open shelf hours will be on weekends, as both Scott and Melody have Monday through Friday jobs outside the home.  We feel confident that the prices of the books will make any avid book reader smile!  With the onslaught of E-Readers, the days of paper books are going out of style and becoming more and more expensive.  We at For The Love Of Books aim to bring book prices down!

Our inventory consists of gently used books that have been inspected for hard wear and tear.  Currently, all of our books have passed the gently “loved” inspection and are very suitable for a new home!

We also take requests!  We are constantly adding to our inventory, so if there is something specific you are looking for, we will be happy to take your contact information down and reach out to you once we have what you are looking for.

Once again, welcome to our new home, and we hope you’ll enjoy the stay!

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